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Sponsor Zak For 2008 Equality Ride

Hey Everyone!

The past few years I have been on a walk to reconcile who I am with my faith. In that walk, after much prayer and thought, I have come to understanding that God loves me for who I am, no matter what.I know that everyone reading this email comes from all backgrounds and walks of life. Right now I am reaching out for your support.

This fall I am going to spend two months on a bus with 20 other people traveling through the south to various faith based colleges and university's, some of which are HBCU's, to start a dialogue about their anti gay polices on the 2008 Soulforce Q Equality Ride.  At most of these schools if a student comes out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender they are either forced to undergo therapy to stay in school or they are expelled no questions asked. On that mere ground alone. I personally feel that as a person of faith it is my duty to stand up as a voice for the voiceless and say that using the Bible as a tool of oppression is something that needs to stop. The Bible has been used to oppress people of color, women, youth and now LGBT people.

So what exactly am I asking for? A donation to me for the Equality Ride. Soulforce takes care of ALL of my expenses while I am on the road. Food, housing, anything that is related to the Equality Ride and you can imagine that with 20 of us, that is not cheap. Each rider has a goal of $3500.00 to raise. I am asking to donate what you can. 10 dollars will give me food for a nice dinner and 100 will give me meals for a week.

Now your wondering how you donate, its easy and you can do it online! Just go to my official Equality Rider page at to read my personal statement  as well as see how much I have raised! If you want to know more about the Equality Ride and how the 2007 Ride went check out

Thanks in advance for your support!!


P.S  Help spread the word and pass this along to your friends! Thanks!
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